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Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Venus introduces swimming pool heat pump water heaters so that you can swim 365 days. They are highly energy efficient and cost effective and allows you to make most of your swimming pool by making it comfortable throughout the year regardless of the climate conditions.


Swimming Pool Heat Pumps are high capacity heating systems that can raise the temperature of the swimming pool water from ambient to set temperature (27 ~ 35°C) and maintain the temperature. These Heat Pumps find application in swimming pools in Clubs, resorts and bungalows.


Swimming Pools
Individual Villas


  • High efficiency and energy-saving
  • Eco-friendly technology uses R407C refrigerant
  • Intelligent digital controller for precise control
  • Can work at night as well as on cloudy and rainy days
  • Titanium Heat Exchanger to withstand corrosive environments
  • American Copeland compressor reliable and durable
  • Easy to install just need to complete plumbing and electrical connections
  • Occupies very little space so can be connected near utility point
  • Input power is very low (5.5 KW) and delivers upto 21 KW heat output
  • Long life and corrosion resistant cabinet to withstand severe climates

Commercial Range - Specifications

Description VSPH22i VSPH45ii
Swimming Pool capacity (litres) 25,000 40,000
Rated heating capacity (KW) 22.8 45.7
Power supply 440V-3 phase 440V-3 phase
Input Current (A) 7.2 14.7
Input Power (KW) 4 8.2
Water Output (litres/hr) 6,000 13,000
No. of compressor 1 2
Water Connection 1 1/2" 2"
Noise (dB) 56 61
Net Dimension (mm) A x B x C 850 x 775 x 1100 1500 x 850 x 1200
Net Weight (kg) 125 270

Higher capacity models (68KW, 91KW, 115KW, etc) are also available.

Advantages Of High Temperature Heat Pump Water Heater:

  • Raise temperature upto 35°C and maintain the same, in all weather conditions.
  • Upto 70% savings as compared to heating by electricity.
  • Very compact size and hence can be located near the utility point.
  • Eco-friendly R407C refridgerant.
  • High Efficiency tube in tube Titanium heat exchanger.


  • 1 Year Guarantee