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Commercial Heat Pump

Venus introduces Heat Pump Water heaters for the first time in india. Using renewable energy heat sources from the ambient air to heat water, these heaters can provide hot water round the clock and throughout the year in an energy efficient and affordable way. Venus heatpump Water heaters are the right solution for Domestic hot water applications.


Venus introduces Heat Pump Water Heaters for the first time in India. Using renewable energy heat sources from the ambient air to heat water, these heaters can provide hot water round-the-clock and throughout the year in an energy-efficient and affordable way. Venus Heat Pump Water Heaters are the right solution for commercial hot water applications.


Swimming Pools
Model Litres
VCH 10i 500L, 1000L, 2000L, 3000L
VCH 20i 1000L, 2000L, 3000L


Eco-friendly Refrigerant

Higher requirements of hot water

Low operating cost - more savings



Intelligent Electronic controller

Expansion valve

Compressor - heart of the heat pump

Commercial Range - Specifications

Model VCH 10i VCH 20i
Heating Method Kw 11.4 19.3
Btu/h 38900 65850
COP 4.67 4.62
Rated Hot Water 55°COutput Volume L/h 245 415
Rated Power Input Kw 2.7 4.5
Rated Input Current A 10.9 7.41
Power Supply V/Ph/Hz 220~240V/1PH/50Hz 400~440V/3PH/50Hz
Rated output water temperature °C 55
Maximum output water temperature °C 60
Ambient Temperature Range °C (-10°C~43°C)
Fan type Low noise axial fan
Fan direction Vertical Discharge
Noise level DBA ≤56
Compressor scroll°1
Cabinet Powder Coated
Refrigerant R407C
Product Dimension mm 710x710x830 810x810x1060
Net Weight Kg 105 140
Gross Weight Kg 120 160
Hot Water Storage Tank Available in 500 L & above Pressure & Non-pressure models

Major components of a heat pump water heater include a compressor, a refrigerant, two heat exchangers ( a condenser and an evaporator) and an expansion valve.

  • The operation begins with air being forced through an evaporator which contains a liquid refrigerant, with the help of a fan.
  • This refrigerant evaporates to a gas and extracts heat from the ambient air.
  • The warm gaseous refrigerant then passes through the compressor, which increases its pressure and it becomes a hot gas.
  • This hot gas enters a heat exchanger (condenser) and transfers its heat to the water flowing from a storage tank.
  • The refrigerant cools down in the condenser and becomes a warm liquid.
  • It then passes through an expansion valve and becomes a cool liquid and enters the evaporator again.
  • The cycle is then repeated in this manner.
  • Thus heat absorbed from the air is transferred to the water and the heating continues till the desired temperature is reached.


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Uses heat from the air to heat water and saves energy as much as 60-80%, when compared to oil fired boilers or electric water heaters. It is ideal for commercial applications like in hotels, hospitals, spas, hostels etc. where hot water is needed in large volumes. This range saves on operating costs by tapping into the heat in the air in a safe and affordable way. You can satisfy your customers while saving on your energy bills.