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High Temperature Heat Pump

Venus introduces high temperature heat pump water heaters an energy efficient means of heating water to temperatures as high as 80 deg for commercial and industrial use. They are ideal for hot oil storage project, dairies, beverage factory, breweries, restaurant kitchen sterilization, textile printing and dyeing industry etc. It is the most energy saving and cost efficient way to heat water.


Regular Heat Pumps can heat water upto 55°C. High Temperature Heat Pumps can heat water upto 80°C. This High temperatures is especially useful for industrial applications and food processing industries.


Boiling & Cleaning
Food Processing


  • High efficiency and energy-saving
  • Eco-friendly technology uses R134A refrigerant
  • Intelligent digital controller for precise control
  • Can work at night as well as on cloudy and rainy days
  • Can be scaled to meet any requirement of hot water
  • American Copeland compressor reliable and durable
  • Easy to install just need to complete plumbing and electrical connections
  • Occupies very little space so can be connected near utility point
  • Input power is very low (4.5 KW) and delivers upto 14 KW heat output
  • Long life and corrosion resistant cabinet to withstand severe climates

Commercial Range - Specifications

Description LWH50BC LWH70BC
Water temperature (C) 80 80
Rated heating capacity (KW) 14 19.5
Power supply 440V-3 phase 440V-3 phase
Rated input power (KW) 4.5 6.2
Rated Output Water Quantity (litres/hr) 185 260
No. of compressor One One
Water Connection 1 inch 1 inch
Noise (dB) 62 62
Net Dimension (mm) 855 x 775 x 1095 980 x 860 x 1525
Net Weight (kg) 180 250

Higher capacity models (28KW, 42KW, 56KW, etc) are also available.

Advantages Of High Temperature Heat Pump Water Heater:

  • Maximum Temperature upto 80°C , in all weather conditions.
  • Upto 60% savings as compared to heating by electricity or oil.
  • Very compact size and hence can be located near the utility point.
  • Eco-friendly R134A refridgerant.
  • High Efficiency tube in shell heat exchanger.


  • 1 Year Guarantee

HEAT PUMP Domestic :

Get non-stop hot water anywhere in the house while saving as much as 75-80% on your heating costs. A solitary heat pump installed anywhere in the house can supply hot water to all the bathrooms and kitchens.