Advantages of a heatpump

  • Very low operating cost - 80% of an Electric Water Heater. Lower running cost than boilers (75% lower) or solar water heaters (25% lower).
  • High energy efficiency - Coefficient of performance (ratio of output power to input power) can be as high as 4.
  • Compact size and ease of installation. Can be installed in any convenient location.
  • Continuous hot water supply - Uninterrupted operation during night time, on rainy days and even on cold days. Works in any kind of weather and all seasons.
  • Can be scaled to meet requirements from individual villas to large commercial installations.
  • Reliable and durable - Can last for years with little or no maintenance.
  • Simple Operation - Temperature and time options can be preset on the intelligent digital controller.
  • These advantage of heat pump hot water boilers prove just how beneficial such appliances can be for your home or business. At Venus, we're proud to be the hot water boilers manufacturer who brought this innovative technology to India, and we look forward to explaining pricing, warranty and product details to you so you can make the smartest heat pump choice. We have a team of expert customer service professionals ready to explain your many choices in hot water boilers, so why not contact us now? At Venus, nothing means more to us than informing and satisfying our customers.